Book Two: Keeper of the Keepers             The Keepers Saga Series

He swore never to break his sacred vow…before he met her

As the ancient old wizard of the forest that never ages, the powerful Master Wargo protects and trains all those that have the chosen path to serve as Keepers of the legends of King Arthur.  But truly, he is a man like any other that follows in a long line of ageless Wargos, and carries on the magical myth that keeps the hope of Wales alive under their Norman conquerors.  The virileness of his true youthful body would not matter at all if Lady Sarah would have stayed in the protection of her father’s keep as he had instructed her.  Already ravaged once in her young life, Wargo had healed her body and heart, and now he is the only man she trusts.  But every touch, every devotion of her heart turns up the flames of desire he swore a sacred oath to never let his flesh indulge in.  Trying her hardest to make Wargo except her as a Keeper and swearing she will forsake all men gladly, only brings them into endless contact with each other and the inevitable breaking of both their sworn sacred vows.

Book One:  NETWORK

Dead men don't talk and cases don't solve themselves, some things never change...or do they?

Detective Carlee Rosillini has a sudden day of luck when the top file of her "open" cases solves itself.  The guy is hit by a car to be exact.  As she questions the witness, she is rewarded again when the woman identifies a tattoo on the driver's arm.  There's no denying it belongs to the second perp in her stack of files.  Two criminals in one day, what more could a detective ask for?  How about another the next day and two more the day after that?
With the count up to five, it's not long before Internal Affairs steps in.  One by chance, maybe two, but never five.  Carlee's life comes under scrutiny as she desperately tries to solve the murders and find their connections before IA pulls her badge.

Book One:  Surrender Of A Highlander        The Clan MacLachlan Series

Divided by clan lines...united by fate.
Sandra was born The MacEwen Charm, destined to bring the warring with clan MacLachlan to an end with her marriage.  Only one clan’s name would survive and she knew it was within her power to make it a peaceful ending for all concerned.  Never in her life did she question her part in giving herself over to the chosen MacLachlan chieftain...until she met him.
Lex MacLachlan was the rightful heir of Clan MacLachlan but he wanted no part of the remains of his shabby clan in the Highlands any longer.  He had survived as a child exiled and alone in London by any means necessary, and now he was returning as a man to claim the land-rights of both clans offered to him by the English King.  All he had to do was turn over the MacEwen chieftain to the Crown, the most hated enemy who had caused his exile in the first place.  This mission was easy and one he would have done for free...until he met her.​


Book One:  Keeper of the Legend           The Keepers Saga Series

Their betrothal ended the war, but his battle has just begun…

Forced to accept the betrothal of her Norman conqueror, Lord Ronin, the Welsh heiress Lady Asclynn is outraged when he asks her father for more time to consider all his options.  As Ronin heads to the king's court to look for a Norman heiress, Lady Asclynn heads in the same direction to find his replacement.  Because he never spared the time to meet her in person, he does not recognize her when she arrives at court disguised as the beguiling Lady Anne, not a Welsh heiress, but a Norman with nothing to offer but herself.  His goal is to find any other option than the Welsh bride that awaits him, and her goal is to find any Norman lord strong enough to defeat her conqueror.  But fate will force them to realize that there is only one that truly fits each of their hearts, no matter the blood that pumps through it.